The BIG list of female portfolio managers and analysts in Australia

The depth and breadth of female talent in Australia may surprise you.
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The Australian funds management landscape continues to change - arguably for the better. And while male portfolio managers and analysts far outnumber their female peers, the industry is starting to wake up to the idea that the status quo isn't good enough. 

After all, research has consistently shown that investments run by gender-diverse teams typically perform better. And if research on performance isn't enough to convince firms to hire (and promote) more women, investors are starting to demand greater diversity from the funds that they invest in themselves.

While a handful of female senior portfolio managers might come to mind, there is a breadth of talent within the industry that has so far gone unrecognised. 

In fact, by our count, there are 255 female chief investment officers, portfolio managers and analysts within the Australian funds management industry.

And that number is only growing, with fabulous initiatives such as Future Females in Finance (The F3 Project) and Future IM/Pact helping young Australian women recognise how rewarding a career in investments can be, and helping these very women get a foot in the door.

Over the years, a criticism of Livewire has been that we don’t showcase the insights and analysis of more female investors. There’s been a lack of diversity on our platform. It's feedback we've taken seriously and we have taken proactive steps to address this in our content. In addition, Livewire has teamed up as a Media Partner for Future IM/Pact. You can read more about their mission here

We recently tasked ourselves with building a list of female CIOs, portfolio managers and analysts in the local funds management industry. We acknowledge this doesn’t solve the issue of gender diversity, however, the list highlights the breadth of female talent working in investment teams in Australia. 

We hope to be speaking with many of these talented investors in the near future.

Please note: Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the list's accuracy at the time of publication, we're mindful that there may be some inaccuracies. Please contact if you have any feedback.

Chief Investment Officers and Portfolio Managers

Name Position Organisation
Lucia Grambalova CIO 360 capital
Sarah Shaw CIO and
Global Portfolio Manager
4D Infrastructure
Natalie Tam Deputy Head
of Australian Equities
Flavia Cheong Head of Asia Pacific Equities abrdn
Camille Simeon Investment Director abrdn
Kirsty Desson Portfolio Manager abrdn
Katrina Khoupongsy Senior Portfolio Manager Acadian Asset Management
Jessy Wu Investment Principal AfterWork Ventures
Emma Fisher Portfolio Manager Airlie Funds Management
Lisa Fedorenko Portfolio Manager Alberts Impact Ventures
Virginie Maisonneuve CIO Allianz Global Investors
Jessica Cairns Head of ESG
& Sustainability
Alphinity Investment Management
Mary Manning Portfolio Manager Alphinity Investment Management
Kristen Lee Head of Credit Research Altius Asset Management
Anna Shelley CIO AMP Capital
Jennifer Lam Investment Manager Antares Equities
Carol Yuan Assistant Portfolio Manager Antares Fixed Income
Gillian Wilson Portfolio Manager Antares Fixed Income
Alison Savas Investment Director Antipodes Partners
Vihari Ross Portfolio Manager Antipodes Partners
Adele Moynihan Associate Partner Antler
Adele Moynihan Associate Partner Antler
Dr Laura Ryan Head of Research Ardea Investment Management
Natasha Thomas Portfolio Manager Ausbil Investment Management
Deana Mitchell Equities Analyst
& Portfolio Manager
Australian Ethical Investment
Michelle Wigglesworth Investment Manager Australian Ethical Investment
Rosie Malcolm Portfolio Manager Australian Foundation Investment Company
Victoria Padley Deputy Fund Manager Australian Unity
Nikki Panagopoulos Fund Manager Australian Unity
Kate Hayward Investment Manager Barwon Investment Partners
Shirley Song Investment Manager Barwon Investment Partners
Lisa Swanton Portfolio Manager Barwon Investment Partners
Sophie Monsour Portfolio Manager Barwon Investment Partners
Srimathi Iyengar Portfolio Manager Barwon Investment Partners
Kate Harris Portfolio Specialist Bentham Asset Management
Sarah Percy-Dove Head of APAC
Fixed Income Research
Madeleine Beaumont Portfolio Manager Blackrock
Danielle Carter Property Fund Manager Blackrock
Emily Mohan Investment Director Bombora Investment Management
Paulina Ting Senior Portfolio Manager Challenger Investment Management
Leila Donnachy Head of Global Credit Challenger Limited
Andrea Theouli Deputy CIO Clime Investment Management
Jasmin Argyrou Head of Discretionary
Portfolio Management
Credit Suisse Wealth Management
Peta Tilse Head of Retail Funds Management Cromwell Property Group
Annabelle Miller Principal, Investments ECP Asset Management
Alison Dalziell Portfolio Manager Eiger Capital
Alexandra Clarke Portfolio Manager Ellerston Capital
Daniela Jaramillo Head of Sustainable
Investing Australia
Fidelity International
Clare Coleman Portfolio Manager Fidelity International
Monique Rooney Portfolio Manager Fidelity International
Zara Lyons Portfolio Manager Fidelity International
Eleanor Swanson Portfolio Manager Firetrail Investments
Dawn Kanelleas Head of Australian
Small and Mid-Cap
First Sentier Investors
Rebecca Myatt Portfolio Manager First Sentier Investors
Darja Milosevic Portfolio Manager First Sentier Investors
Alison Thai Portfolio Manager First Sentier Investors
Kristen Le Mesurier Head of ESG,
Growth Equities
First Sentier Investors
Francyne Mu Portfolio Manager Franklin Templeton Investments
Genevieve Murray Head of Listed Equities Future Fund
Dr Kylie-Anne Richards CIO Fortlake Asset Management
Tina Haung Asset Portfolio Manager Global Infrastructure Partners
Armina Rosenberg Portfolio Manager Grok Ventures
Anita Costa Portfolio Manager IFM Investors
Rikki Bannan Executive Director,
Australian Small Cap
IFM Investors
Nicole Schnuderl Senior Portfolio Manager Invesco
Nicole Connolly Co-Founder & Partner Invest Unlisted
Jane Shoemake Investment Director Janus Henderson
Pauline Chrystal Portfolio & ESG Manager Kapstream Capital
Courtney Chute Portfolio Manager Kapstream Capital
Melinda White Portfolio Manager Longwave Capital Partners
Deanne Baker Portfolio Manager Lonsec
Cathy Houston Managing Director MA Asset Management
Jessica Koh Head of Asian
Listed Real Estate
Macquarie Asset Management
Monique Gavegan Portfolio Manager Macquarie Asset Management
Leah Kelly Senior Investment Strategists Macquarie Group
Marni Lysaght Vice President of
Equity Research
Macquarie Group
Elisa Di Marco Portfolio Manager Magellan Financial Group
Nikki Thomas Portfolio Manager Magellan Financial Group
Kateryna Argyrou Portfolio Manager Maple Brown Abbott
Naomi Bant Portfolio Manager Martin Currie Investment Management
Jacqueline Fernley Chief Investment Officer Mason Stevens
Nina Wilkinson Portfolio Manager Melior Investment Management
Qiao Ma Portfolio Manager Munro Partners
Fleur Wright Portfolio Manager Northcape Capital
Wendy Herringer Portfolio Manager Northcape Capital
Claudia Kwan Portfolio Manager North Star Impact Funds
Louise Kavanagh CIO and Head of
Asia Pacific Real Estate
Nuveen Natural Capital
Skye Macpherson Head of
Portfolio Management
Nuveen Natural Capital
Sonia Teitel Investment Director Octopus Investments
Kate McClure Senior Portfolio Manager Octopus Investments
Vilija Robinson Senior Investment Manager Palisade Impact
Julia Weng Portfolio Manager Paradice Investment Management
Ursula Tonkin Portfolio Manager PATRIZIA
Ada Chan Fund Manager Pendal Group
Amy Xie Patrick Head of Income Strategies Pendal Group
Julia Forrest Portfolio Manager Pendal Group
Choo-Yu Kooi Senior Fund Manager Pendal Group
Amy Pham Fund Manager Pengana Capital Group
Karen Chan Portfolio Manager Perennial Partners
Maryanne Drew Head of Proprietary Research Perpetual
Michelle Lopez Head of Australasian Equities Pie Funds
Dr Bianca Ogden Portfolio Manager Platinum Asset Management
Jodie Bannan Portfolio Manager Platinum Asset Management
Julia Bailey Head of Stewardship Platinum Asset Management
Channel Stuart Findlay Portfolio Manager Plato Investment Management
Jelena Stevanovic Portfolio Manager Platypus Asset Management
Elizabeth Blackhurst Portfolio Manager Prime Value Investment Management
Kirsti Keightley Portfolio Manager Prime Value Investment Management
Leanne Pen Portfolio Manager Prime Value Investment Management
Janine Yoong Senior Portfolio Manager,
Head of APAC
Real Estate Securities
Principal Asset Management
Samantha Khalid Director, Real Estate Finance Qualitas Group
Richa Kothari Associate Director Qualitas Group
Michaela Nairm Associate Director Qualitas Group
Joanna Nash Senior Quantitative
Portfolio Manager
Realindex Investments
Jessica Farr-Jones Portfolio Manager Regal Funds management
Jovita Khilnani Portfolio Manager Regal Funds management
Sarah Lau Portfolio Manager Resolution Capital
Lucie Bielczykova Portfolio Manager Revolution Asset Management
Kelli Meagher Portfolio Manager Sage Capital
Helen Mason Fund Manager and
Senior Credit Research Analyst
Schroders Investment Management
Claire Smith Head of Private Assets Sales Schroders Investment Management
Karen Chow Portfolio Manager Schroders Investment Management
Kellie Wood Portfolio Manager Schroders Investment Management
Maynega Krishnananthan Investment Manager Tanarra Capital
Magdalena Kinal Portfolio Manager Tcorp
Mary Feros Investment Director Touchstone Asset Management
Suellen Morgan Investment Director Touchstone Asset Management
Jun Bei Liu Lead Portfolio Manager Tribeca Investment Partners
Karen Towle Portfolio Manager Tribeca Investment Partners
Genevieve Naughton Portfolio Manager Trilogy Funds
Karina Medina Portfolio Manager UBS Asset Management
Camille Wynter Head of ESG Research UBS Asset Management
Alice Shen Investment Manager VanEck
Catherine Allfrey Portfolio Manager and Director WaveStone Capital
Andrea Jaehne Head of Rating Agencies
& Analysis
Catriona Burns Lead Portfolio Manager Wilson Asset Management
Dania Zinurova Portfolio Manager Wilson Asset Management
Erin Kuo Chief Sustainability Officer Yarra Capital Management
Olivia Bayley Investment Manager Yarra Capital Management
Tina Everist Investment Manager Yarra Capital Management
Katie Hudson Portfolio Manager Yarra Capital Management

Analysts and emerging talent

Name Position Organisation
Karina Bader Analyst Acorn Capital
Trang Tran Equity Analyst Airlie Funds Management
Stephanie Derrington Responsible Investing Analyst Allan Gray Australia
Moana Nottage Analyst Alphinity Investment Management
Eloise Ong Investment Analyst Anacacia Capital
Michelle Byun Analyst Antares Equities
Han (Alice) Wang Investment Analyst Antipodes Partners
Caroline Hamer Investment Analyst Antipodes Partners
Beth Everett Investment Analyst Antipodes Partners
Hyojeong (Irene) Kang Performance/Quantitative Analyst Antipodes Partners
Cleo Somers Senior Investment Analyst Antipodes Partners
Lisa Jordan Analyst Ardea Investment Management
Brydie Lloyd-Roberts Investment Analyst Argo Investments
Janelle Morrison ESG Analyst Ausbil Investment Management
Meri Vukasin Associate Analyst, ESG Ausbil Investment Management
Saliva Ma Assistant Quantitative Analyst Ausbil Investment Management
Persephone Fraser Analyst Australian Ethical Investment
Nga Lucas Investment Analyst Australian Foundation Investment Company
Nicole Plant Assistant Fund Manager Australian Unity
Levina Pham Investment Analyst Barwon Investment Partners
Taylah Hasell Investment Analyst Barwon Investment Partners
Nicole Mardell Global Equities Analyst Bell Asset Management
Xia Wu Global Equities Analyst Bell Asset Management
Shirley Wang Junior Quantitative Analyst Bentham Asset Management
Jessica Leung Assistant Portfolio Manager Betashares Capital
Hannah Parton-Cyr Early Stage Investor Black Sheep Capital
Claire Xiao Analyst Blackmore Capital
Yu Li Analyst Blackmore Capital
Sheryl Chand Analyst Celeste Funds Management
Vivian Kweh Analyst Challenger Investment Management
Dhruvi Desai Analyst Challenger Investment Management
Cheryl Lim Analyst Coolabah Capital Investments
Ying Yi Ann Cheng Senior Analyst Coolabah Capital Investments
Chloe Lim Research Analyst Cooper Investors
Katherine Holyoake Research Analyst Cooper Investors
Carly (Thorpe) Turner Equity Analyst Endeavor Asset Management
Britt Bloom Investment Manager EVP
Kelsey Bentley Investment Analyst Ellerston Capital
Annie Liu Analyst Fidelity International
Annabel Riggs Equity Analyst Firetrail Investments
Carta Ryan Equity Analyst Firetrail Investments
Georgia Locke Equity Analyst Firetrail Investments
Jessica Jouning Senior Analyst First Sentier Investors
Sophie Smith Investment Analyst First Sentier Investors
Tahlia Gugusheff Assistant Portfolio Manager First Sentier Investors
Britt Boxall Investment Associate Folklore Ventures
Chloe Stokes Senior Investment Analyst Forager Funds Management
Magda Zieba Unlisted property Future Fund
Meghann Roberts Senior Investment Analyst, ESG GESB Superannuation
Sudipta Ghosh Listed Equities Investment Analyst Grok Ventures
Claire Zhang Senior Analyst, Listed Infrastructure Equity Alternatives HSBC Asset Management
Matisse Clark Associate Investment Analyst Hyperion Asset Management
Abigail Malin Analyst Lakehouse Capital
Tumul Sinha Analyst Lennox Capital Partners
Connie Kuo Investment Associate MA Asset Management
Grace Gow ESG Analyst Macquarie Asset Management
Hannah Dickinson Head of Franchises and Investment Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Emma Henderson Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Fiona Wu Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Claire Britton Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Tracey Wahlberg Investment Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Lucina Martin Investment Analyst Magellan Financial Group
Ayesha Azeem Investment Analyst Maple Brown Abbott
Bei Bei Hu Investment Analyst Maple Brown Abbott
Amelia Campbell Research Associate Maple Brown Abbott
Amy Ubank Associate Maple Brown Abbott
Georgia Hall Analyst Maple Brown Abbott
Thao Le Investment Analyst Maple Brown Abbott
Julia Wang Reserach Analyst Martin Currie
Raven Vi Listed Real Assets Analyst Martin Currie
Abi High Analyst Melior Investment Management
Caroline Mullin Analyst Merlon Capital Partners
Katrina Tamayo Analyst Metrics Credit Partners
Gabriella Fagan Analyst Metrics Credit Partners
Jean Huang Investment Analyst Munro Partners
Marie Miyashiro Senior Investment Analyst Nanuk Asset Management
Peiting Liang Equity Analyst Northcape Capital
Eleni Xydas Analyst Novaport Capital
Kate Goodwin Analyst Ox Capital Management
Katherine Webb Analyst Paradice Investment Management
Anna Hong Assitant Portfolio Manager Pendal Group
Elise McKay Investment Analyst Pendal Group
Julia Maksymow Quantitative Analyst Pendal Group
Rachel Cole Investment Analyst Pendal Group
Sue Scott Senior Investment Analyst Pendal Group
Rema Elias Investment Analyst Perpetual
Rosemary Tan Equities Analyst Perpetual
Louise Sandberg Senior Equities Analyst Perpetual
Dr Lisa Worley Investment Analyst Platinum Asset Management
Zoe Middleton Investment Analyst Platinum Asset Management
Phoebe Little Associate Analyst Plato Investment Management
Pelen Ji Analyst Platypus Asset Management
Ying Wang Quantitative Analyst Platypus Asset Management
Joan Zhang Investment Analyst Qualitas Group
Georgia Hill Investment Associate Qualitas Group
Evie Papps Investment Associate Qualitas Group
Wei Lu Quantitative Analyst Realindex Investments
Claire McKew Investment Analyst Resolution Capital
Hannah Maclean Investment Analyst Resolution Capital
Sally Warneford Equity Analyst Schroders
Jenny Hau Fixed Income Analyst Schroders Investment Management
Sophie Smith Investment Analyst, Emerging Companies SG Hiscock & Company
Aimee Jordan Investment Analyst Spheria Asset Management
Brittany Isakka Investment Analyst Spheria Asset Management
Xinting Jia ESG Investment Strategist - APAC State Street Global Advisors
Yvette Murphy Equity Portfolio Strategist State Street Global Advisors
Sally Fang Senior Investment Analyst Swell Asset Management
Kim Tracey Investment Analyst T Rowe Price
Jennifer Poon Senior Portfolio Analyst T Rowe Price
Peta Arnott Investment Analyst Touchstone Asset Management
Jovana Gagic Investment Analyst Tribeca Investment Partners
Madie Hamilton Assistant Portfolio Manager Trilogy Funds
Lillie Greiner Equity Research Analyst Tyndall AM
Kirsty Mackay Fisher Senior Investment Analyst WaveStone Capital
Anna Milne Equity Analyst Wilson Asset Management
Emma Wyndham-Smith Equity Research Analyst WILSONS
Madeleine Williams Equity Research Analyst WILSONS
Maria Zapata Research Analyst WILSONS
Melissa Benson Equity Research Analyst WILSONS

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